The Chicken Farm Art Center

The City of San Angelo will be doing road work on Martin Luther King throughout 2017. Please bear with us as this may cause detours and alternative parking necessary. On the upside we're getting a new road!! Yay!


For the most update path around the construction please visit our Facebook and look for the first post on our page.

We are updating this as often as necessary for the easiest way to get to us. You can also call our office during business hours and we'll be happy to help you find a route.

Just look for the Colored Pencil Fence and our big white sign with the chicken in the circle. That's Us!

FREE Parking


Visitors may park along the Colored Pencil Fence across the front of The Art Center, across the street at the old dance hall, or drive down the alley behind the studios to the back parking lot following the signs for the Inn AtThe Art Center.

Please park straight for the convenience of other visitors and do not block driveways or paths.

There's no direct route to us, but you can get close.

Route 4 can get you to Lowe's Grocery or MLK and 19th. It's a couple of blocks to walk and then you're here.

FMI visit our local transit City Routes & Maps.


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